Throw Rag

Sean Wheeler aka Diamond Boss

Throw Rag is a rock punk band from the Sea Salton, California, United States. The band’s music style is most often characterized as Rockabilly, Punk Rock, Psychobilly and Sailor Rock, but have used elements of traditional rock and roll, country and surf in their songs. Frontman Sean Wheeler, nicknamed Captain Sean Doe, Diamond Boss, or… Continue reading Throw Rag

King’s X

His Full Name Is Douglas Theodore Pinnick

King’s X is an American progressive metal band notorious for their spiritual lyrics and sophisticated music. The group has its beginnings in 1980, when Doug Pinnick and Jerry Gaskill, who had met before on recording and touring with Phil Keaggy and toured with the Christian rock band Petra, recruited Ty Tabor to join them. Calling… Continue reading King’s X

Michael White & the White

American Hard Rock Singer Michael White

Michael White & the White is an American hard rock band often performing as a Led Zeppelin cover band. The band was formed by singer Michael White. Michael White started his music career in 1973, when he played with the likes of Mick Brown and George Lynch of Dokken fame. He was also involved in… Continue reading Michael White & the White


Simulating Intercourse with Microphone

SNFU is a Canadian punk band from Edmonton, founded in 1981. SNFU gained a legendary reputation as a skatepunk band in the 1980s. In the 1990s they switched to the well-known punk label Epitaph Records, where they released three albums and then broke up. In 2000 they got back together with a new line-up to… Continue reading SNFU


Al Jourgensen with Cross Bone Mic Stand

Ministry is an American industrial metal band from Chicago, Illinois. Ministry was founded in 1981 by Alain Jourgensen (also Alien Jourgensen or Al Jourgensen for short) in Chicago as a pure synth-pop project. In the middle of the 80s the sound changed, influences from industrial and EBM were added. A few years later, using rhythm… Continue reading Ministry

My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult

The Cool Groovie Mann

My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, also just called Thrill Kill Kult or TKK is an industrial rock band from Chicago, Illinois. Thrill Kill Kult is the name given to the band by Frankie Nardiello, who was Ministry’s light technician on their 1986 tour. Frankie wrote his first songs with Alain Jourgensen, the charismatic… Continue reading My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult

Hanzel und Gretyl

Vas Kallas Feeling the Crowd

Hanzel und Gretyl is an American metal band formed in New York in 1993 by Kaizer von Loopy and Vas Kallas. Kallas had previously sung with Cycle Sluts from Hell, among others. After joining with Kaizer von Loopy, the two took on the roles of the two protagonists from the well-known fairy tale Hanzel und… Continue reading Hanzel und Gretyl


Guitar Above Head of Matt Bellamy

Muse is a British rock band formed in Teignmouth, England in 1994. The band consists of Matthew Bellamy (vocals, guitar, piano and synthesizers), Christopher Wolstenholme (electric bass, vocals, synthesizer) and Dominic Howard (drums and percussion). Muse stylistically combines alternative, hard and progressive rock as well as electronica with elements of classical music to create rock… Continue reading Muse

ZZ Top

Billy Gibbons Giving You All His Loving

ZZ Top is an American rock band that was formed in 1969 in Houston, Texas. With their mix of Texas blues, blues rock, boogie, southern rock and hard rock, ZZ Top had great success, especially in the 1980s, and filled concert halls and stadiums on extensive tours. The band members since 1969 are Billy Gibbons,… Continue reading ZZ Top

Sum 41

Deryck Whibley Being Himself

Sum 41 is an Alternative Metal band originally from Ajax, Ontario, Canada. The band was formed in 1996 and is currently comprised of Deryck Whibley (rhythm guitar, keyboards, lead vocals), Dave “Brownsound” Baksh (lead guitar), Jason McCaslin (bass), Tom Thacker (lead and rhythm guitar, keyboards) and Frank Zummo. (drums). In April 2013, drummer Steve Jocz… Continue reading Sum 41