Live Band Photography

Welcome to Alberta Stars – my website dedicated to the thrilling world of live concert photography!

My name is Mark Marek. As a passionate photographer who loves nothing more than capturing the energy and excitement of live music, I’m thrilled to share my work with you. Here, you’ll find a collection of my favorite images, taken from some of the most incredible rock, metal, industrial, electronica and other off-mainstream band concerts and festivals around the world.

From the bright lights of the stage to the frenzy of the crowd, I strive to capture the raw energy and emotion of each performance through my lens. Whether I’m snapping shots from the pit or capturing the action from the crowd, I’m always seeking out the perfect shot that truly captures the essence of the music.

Through this website, I aim to share my knowledge, experience, and insights with other live concert photography enthusiasts. You’ll find tips and tricks to help you improve your skills, gear reviews to help you find the best equipment, and behind-the-scenes stories of some of my most memorable concert experiences.

In addition to my concert photography work, I’m also passionate about the stories behind the music. That’s why my website also features background information and anecdotes about each band that I photograph. I believe that understanding the history and influences of each artist can deepen our appreciation of their music and enhance our experience of their live performances.

So, in addition to browsing my galleries and learning about live concert photography, you can also delve into the background of each band and learn about their unique journey in the music industry. From their early influences and breakthrough moments to behind-the-scenes stories from their tours, my goal is to give you a more intimate understanding of the music and the artists who create it.

So, whether you’re a die-hard fan or simply looking to expand your musical horizons, I invite you to explore my website and discover the incredible stories behind the music that drives me to capture each unforgettable moment through my lens.

Come along with me on this incredible journey through the world of live concert photography, and let’s capture the magic of music together!