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Alberta Stars Adult Forums


Welcome to the Adult Forum Boards on Alberta Stars. While this is an adult forum, it is important to recognize that it's not a porn forum. In our context, adult forum means that it's a forum board for adults only, so you can participate in discussions with other mature adults and not be exposed to blabber and rudeness of underage internet users. Even though exclusively for adults, we keep Alberta Stars forum boards work safe. Moderators will remove any and all content of strictly adult nature on the spot.

If you are an underage visitor, please note that even though this is not a porn forum, this entire site is 18+ only. Ongoing discussions on these forums are among mature adults and may contain topics not suitable for minors. If you are not 18 years of age or over or if it's illegal in your jurisdiction to access material that's adult in nature, please leave. As a matter of fact, unless you're of legal age of consent, you shouldn't be on this forum board at all. Members of Alberta Stars are not censored and are welcome to discuss any topic that's not illegal in Canada. Some of the topics discussed may be offensive to certain demographics. Thread titles are typically descriptive of thread's content so make sure you choose what you're clicking on wisely. We have these forum boards divided into sections including Sexuality Forum (dedicated to discussions of sexual health, sexual relationships, sex positions, etc. and could contain educational images and text that's adult in nature), Politics Forum (dedicated to discussions of national and global political situations, world affairs, intentions of our governments, etc.), Celebrity Forum (anything to do with our vanity and obsession with the rich and famous). Rant Forum (is to vent if something has gotten on your nerve). If you're ready to see what the baddest forum boards on the internet are all about, choose from the following topics:

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